This Scandinavian nomad bridges the gap of Norwegian melancholy and New York's eccentricities.

The artist is earlier known around the south of Norway from the acoustic folk-pop trio Ask. The trio started performing and writing together at the age of 12, and for over 10 years they played on prestige filled stages including the main stage at Canal Street music festival and support for the Icelandic artist Asgeir Trausti. This in addition to three very successful tours around Norway with their debut album Blinded (2015), the EP Little Bird (2011) and several singles.

Andrea Niane graduated from a Master’s in songwriting from NYU Dec 2019. Fall 2020 the artist released her EP; Nighttime Stories on her own label “Rugrat Records”. The EP is written by Niane and produced by Tiger Darrow.

Stay tuned for the upcoming album "Robots & Roaches" where Andrea takes a playful, organic approach on life as privileged millennial trying to reach the top of Maslow's pyramid but keeps sliding down in the attempt.